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October 2017 Blog Archive

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation A little anxiety now and then is helpful.  When dating my future wife anxiety worked to my advantage because it motivated me to do things young men sometimes overlook, like comb my hair, put on a clean shirt, and brush my teeth, you know, things that... Read More

Legacy House: Zoe's Story
Legacy House: Zoe's Story Legacy House is a housing program that provides free and safe housing for girls who have aged out of the foster care system. This is Zoe's life story of how she came to be an age-out and came to start a new life with Christ at Legacy House. Read More

Paid in Pizza [The Bob and Russell Show EP03]
Paid in Pizza [The Bob and Russell Show EP03] "I got paid in pizza once." In this episode the guys touch on surviving hurricanes, Marvel movies, pizza payments, and more! Right here on the Bob and Russell Show. Read More

What Causes Depression?
What Causes Depression? Last week I was on Twitter and reading messages from people feeling depressed and looking for help. Their messages are heartbreaking and it hurts to know people are struggling. It triggers something in my heart to want to help these people. Read More

Nobody wants to die.
Nobody wants to die. Suicide is an incredibly difficult and painful experience for survivors.  Each year more than 30,000 individuals in the United States complete a suicide. As a counselor I think about how much heartache for friends and family members that represents. ... Read More

The Bob and Russell Show EP 01
The Bob and Russell Show EP 01 Hey everyone, this is kind of our test podcast. (Bob tells a great story about a date gone wrong with a girl from a local pizza place.) The video was laggy, so we decided to just go with audio this week. Next week you should be able to see us in our ... Read More

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