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ChristianCounselingFinder.com's mission is to connect people looking for help to professional counselors, life coaches, pastors or biblically certified counselors who understand and respect their Christian worldview. We want to help people find their place in God's story.

Russell Holloway (Co-founder) Russell is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida and a National Certified Counselor. He is a decorated combat veteran and enjoys working with veterans, first responders, and pilots. He is passionate about helping people rescue and empower their marriages. In 2009 Russell co-founded Port Orange Counseling Center with the mission to glorify God by providing professional and affordable counseling to people in need, and with the mission to provide a supportive place for counselors and students to practice and train, all in Jesus'‚Äč name. Since 2009 the counseling centers affiliated with POCC have provided over 60,000 counseling sessions to people and families in Central Florida. Russell enjoys time with his family, running and hiking. He worships at Christ Church Port Orange.

Robert (Bob) Tidwell (Visual & Media Manager) Bob is Worship Leader at Ponce Church, in Ponce Inlet, Florida. Robert, with family and friends, seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of the homeless in Daytona Beach, Florida, feeding, clothing, and visiting the people who have been hurt the most on the streets. He enjoys getting outside and doing calisthenics anywhere he can, plunking down and getting lost in whatever new sci-fi/ fantasy novel has hit the shelves, as well as endeavoring in long video game nights. 

Doug Zimmerman (Content & Relationships Manager) Doug is a university professor at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. He teaches courses in philosophy and religious studies, which are where his scholarly passions lie. He did a BA in philosophy at University of Central Florida and an MA at the University of Chicago. He enjoys equipping people to discuss honestly the tough questions about God, humanity, and the world. Before his scholarly pursuits, Doug worked as a motorcycle mechanic and built boats for Boston Whaler. He has travelled much of the world and wants to see more of it. When not working, he practices martial arts and still continues to read novels and other nonfiction. He regularly attends and volunteers in various capacities at his local parish: St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church.

If YOU have an idea, would like to be a contributing writer, or might like to join our team, send us an email to Admin@ChristianCounselingFinder.com ... We would love to hear from you!