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The Psychological Benefits of Creating Music

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By John Gladson
Christian Counseling Finder Guest Writer


Music is a form of expresson that stands apart from other types of art. It is one of the oldest means of worship and creativite expression. It is probably the first art form that became widespread in human communities.

"Sing to him, sing praises to him,
    tell of all his wonderful works." - 1 Chronicles 16:9

Creating music offers remarkable benefits to a person’s mental health. The act of making music can provide individuals with a strong sense of rejuvenation and optimism. But these are not the only benefits creating music offers. Here are some less-known, but still tangible, mental health benefits that come from creating music.


Music is often directly tied to emotion. This is the reason it is such a good medium for transmitting personal feelings. Many people turn to counseling to better express their emotions. Creating music is a great way to do the same thing. The mental mechanisms that allow us to make music are much less inhibited. Making music allows a person to convey and process complex feelings, both good and bad.


Writing, composing, or performing music is a creative venture. Many brilliant minds throughout history turned to music when they needed to find a solution to a problem. As an elegant method of creative expression, music allows our thoughts to break free from their regular mental anchors. When this happens, a person can perceive an issue from a slightly different perspective, allowing creative impulses to find a solution.


Everyone knows that listening to music can be relaxing, but many do not realize the same goes for creating it. The act of making music, especially when a person does it purely for personal reasons, has the ability to become a source of relaxation. The modern world comes with its stress and other woes, but all this can be swept away when making music. In fact, this active form of relaxation is probably one of the most potent means to clear the mind. Once the process is completed, the person can experience mental and physical relaxation.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Gladson is a guest writer for Christian Counseling Finder. He is an avid reader, especially when it comes to history books. In his youth, he spent weeks in the wilderness camping and hiking, but a couple of decades later, he has exchanged that for an occasional weekend in the mountains. He loves his wife and two grown-up children more than anything in the world, but their black labrador Terrence keeps (successfully) entering that same circle.



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