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The Mental Health Benefits of Gratitude

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Modern society seems to push individuals to always strive for more. Naturally, this can bring about progress. But, the cost is that we start to believe that what we have is not enough. It seems that no matter what a person has been given in terms of talents, time, or treasure, a short time later they raise the bar a little higher and forget to be thankful for the blessings they already posses. Counseling usually falls back on the quality of relationships and a person's perception of success, which is deeply impacted by gratitude.

I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. - Psalm 9:1

Does more really make us more happy? Sometimes it does, but usually not. What are the bennifits of practicing gratitude?

Gratitude Grounds us in The Present

One of the biggest mental health advantages of practicing gratitude is that it grounds a person’s mind to the present moment. By being in the here and now a person can better enjoy their life. Worry and anxiety dissipate as a person’s mind embraces the present. Gratefulness is one of the best ways to disrupt negative thinking and enjoy life.

Being Grateful Improves Physical Health

Gratitude can help with physical health by reducing unnecessary stress and nervousness. And, in the absence of stress, physical functions improve. This means a person experiences more energy, better quality sleep, and a healthier metabolism. All these things work together toward improved mental health, as well. 

The Presence of Gratitude Increases Confidence

Gratefulness improves the quality of our relationships at work and in our private lives, which enables us to interact with people in a more confident manner. Being grateful for the people around us also provides a type of safe harbor to venture out and try new behaviors. We are more open to risk when we are grateful.

**For some tips on how to foster gratitude watch: The Bob & Russell Show #8 on Gratitude!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Gladson is a guest writer for Christian Counseling Finder. He is an avid reader, especially when it comes to history books. In his youth, he spent weeks in the wilderness camping and hiking, but a couple of decades later, he has exchanged that for an occasional weekend in the mountains. He loves his wife and two grown-up children more than anything in the world, but their black labrador Terrence keeps (successfully) entering that same circle.

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