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Success Tip #2 How You Return Phone Calls Can Greatly Improve Your Practice


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Weekly Success Tip #2

How You Return Phone Calls Can Make or Break Your Practice


It might seem like an over simplification, but how and when you return phone calls can be critical to your ministry or practice.

  1. Return phone calls promptly! … Potential clients usually call more than one counselor, and they almost always go with whoever calls them back first.
  2. If possible, have counselors return phone calls. … It is important to not let a phone call become a counseling session, per se, but it is always best if counselors can make call backs. Potential clients like to hear back from a counselor or the person that will be counseling them.
  3. RETURN PHONE CALLS EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS … I have seen great counselors destroy their reputations with important referral sources because they did not return a phone call. If you are too busy to take a new client, return phone calls just as promptly, but ask the client if the want to wait or if you can refer them to a different counselor. By doing this, your reputation will go up in the community, which may be important during slow times of the year.


When you start a conversation with a client let them know you only have 5 minutes. They will not be offended when you stop the conversation, and you will not be dragged into a free phone counseling session, if you are not up for that.

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