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The Mental Health Benefits of Gratitude
The Mental Health Benefits of Gratitude Modern society seems to push individuals to always strive for more. What are some of the mental health benefits of slowing down and practicing gratitude? Read More

4 Ways Listening To Music Can Improve Your Mood
4 Ways Listening To Music Can Improve Your Mood Music combines the expression of emotion with organized sound in a way that is sometimes life changing. It is a dynamic gift from God that can enrich the human experience. When we examine music through a psychological lens, we discover ways music ca... Read More

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation A little anxiety now and then is helpful.  When dating my future wife anxiety worked to my advantage because it motivated me to do things young men sometimes overlook, like comb my hair, put on a clean shirt, and brush my teeth, you know, things that... Read More

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