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4 Ways Practicing Gratitude Will Help Your Work

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By Russell Holloway
Christian Counseling Finder Co-founder

Mood is powerfully impacted by the messages a person feeds their brain. Negative self-talk can lead to depression or anger. But when a person feeds their brain positive thoughts, their mood inclines toward happiness and has the opportunity to experience gratitude.

"In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

In a real way gratitude is a choice. When we choose gratitude the quality of important relationships gain space to improve. Listed below are a few ways gratitude can impact your work life and career.

Being Grateful Boosts Your Confidence

People who are grateful see failure as part of the learning process, a stepping-stone toward success. Also, people who are grateful are more likely to remain poised during stressful interactions. They are not restrained by insecurity and they are more confident to take action when others are excessively cautious.

Being Grateful Makes You a Better Teammate

Gratitude and selfish behavior are like oil and water. They really don’t mix. – People who are grateful form stronger and healthier relationships. It is easier for them to be patient when others make mistakes. They have more opportunity to collaborate with coworkers. And, it is easier for them to identify and move past unimportant disagreements.

Being Grateful Reinforces Successful Behavior

People who are grateful are less likely to make decisions driven by negative emotion. They are free from pessimism, and so they can better evaluate past decisions and make better choices.

Being Grateful Increases Your Likeability

Gratitude fosters happiness and makes you likable for two reasons. One, you are more likely to take an interest in the lives of other people, which most people enjoy. Two, happiness can literally increase your emotional and physical attractiveness. People just like being around you.  

Russell Holloway is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Daytona Beach Florida and Co-Founder of



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